An unparalleled feeling of privacy and comfort – create your own soothing environment with Marylène’s prints.

For our acoustic panels, printed with Marylène Madou prints, we work with a partner who is dedicated to improving acoustics in hotels, restaurants, offices and in modern luxury homes. Prices start at 345 EUR for 80 x 120 CM. Contact us to discuss your project.
Our environment is becoming increasingly busy and loud. We are confronted with noise in traffic, at the office, and even at home - where peace and quiet are essential. Modern homes and buildings are designed with materials that have less and less ecological impact, unfortunately, these materials are often harsh and not acoustic friendly, resulting in cold buildings with reverberation issues. Acoustic panels are a design-friendly resolution to this.
We can offer custom sizes up to 3 meters on the shortest sides. Delivery time can take up to 4 weeks relating to the size of your project. These panels are delivered as a kit because of their size. We offer an easy and detailed construction file and can help remotely. Contact us at to discuss your project.