Closed during the summer on 24/07, 26/07, 15/08 (Public Holiday in Belgium), 21/08, 28/08, 7/09.
Dear clients, we are happy to inform you about our store & showroom closing days during the summer of 2019. Our webshop is open 24/7 and you can still reach us on customercare@marylenemadou.com from Monday till Friday all year long.
Beste klanten, onze winkel en showroom in Genk zal tijdens de zomermaanden op slechts enkele data gesloten zijn. Onze webshop blijft 24/7 open en u kan ons steeds bereiken met vragen via customercare@marylenemadou.com van maandag tot vrijdag, het hele jaar door.
Our flagship store in the city of Genk, Belgium, celebrates Marylène’s world, reflecting her approach to textile design and displaying her typical innovative color combinations. The store captures the spirit of the brand and has been designed entirely by Marylène herself. Part of the decoration was custom made for the brand, under the creative direction of Marylène.
With all the collections in one place, this is a new way to explore Marylène Madou, while being welcomed in an intimate atmosphere. A small yet homely feeling space that’s filled with authentic prints and textile designs, coming straight from Marylène’s design studio. Our sales team is here to advice you on the collection. For custom printed orders, you need to book an appointment. Gift cards and gift wrapping service available. Molenstraat 14 is not only our first store, but is also home to our business quarters, showroom and design studio.


Marylène Madou 

Molenstraat 14

3600 Genk 



Close parking options available.


Monday – appointment only 

Tuesday – appointment only

Wednesday – 10 am – 6 pm

Thursday – 10 am – 6 pm

Friday – 10 am – 6 pm

Saturday – 10 am – 6 pm

Sunday – on special occasions 


Our B2B showroom is open on the following days.

Please note that collections can be viewed by appointment only.




Email customercare@marylenemadou.com to book appointments.


Definitely worth a visit is Studio Pieter Stockmans at C-mine (the architectural and design project that’s developing in and around the old colliery), for unique porcelain pieces that are praised worldwide. Marylène has been an admirer of his work since she was very young.

Internationally acclaimed conceptual artist Koen Vanmechelen moved his studio and foundation headquarters to LABIOMISTA, situated in a former public zoo in Genk.

Famous designer Michaël Verheyden has a showroom and atelier in Genk.

You can find unique art galleries and design stores in de Vennestraat. 


Genk is known for its history in mining and therefore has a unique mix of Mediterranean cultures, which brings forth a series of restaurants and food experiences.

For a more refined dinner, worth a visit are De Kristalijn and La Botte, or you can go for soul food at the Vennestraat, a street that is known for its authentic restaurants such as La Posta.

The most fun Italian Aperitivo you can find at Peppes, a place that brings forth a joyful and relaxed atmosphere at all times.

Visit Bokrijk for unique handmade bread, which is made following the rules of the art of authentic bread making.


The bike trail through water leads cyclists through a 212 meters long and three meters wide concrete path with water at eye level on both sides. Swans and other waterfowl float on the edge and watch the cyclists curiously. Since its opening, an average of 800 visitors per day explore this unforgettable part of the Limburg cycling route network. With highs on Saturday and Sunday and no less than 5.000 cyclists on top days.

This unique experience, located in one of the most peaceful places of Belgium, was picked up by NY Times Magazine as a must-visit when in Belgium. Ask our sales team for directions to this beautiful place.