Inspiration: visiting the National Botanic Gardens 6 April 2018 – Posted in: Stories

Situated in Brussels’ northern quarter, the Botanic Garden Meise resides over its terraced site reminding us of a time of architectural opulence and grandeur. Now an urban park, the garden reflects an intersection of multiple styles including French Baroque buildings, Italian Terraces and an English-style façade.

The greenhouses populated with lush local and exotic plants are an endless source of inspiration for Marylène’s illustrations and textiles. The geometric shapes and bursts of colour seen in the garden appear made for a collection. It would not be too hard to imagine our purple toned leopard slinking out from under a palm frond or vine. Even when one looks up, the circular rotunda of the greenhouse is reminiscent of the circle print used in the Magical Pond scarf collection.

Marylène is always on the lookout for creative inspiration whilst maintaining the vintage aesthetic of her designs. Luckily with places such as the Botanic Garden Meise there is an endless supply of new ideas and colour pallets. Unexpected colour combinations, such as pink and green, always play part at the start of designing our collections.