Marylène Madou x Jochen Leën

Jochen Leën is a rare gem collector, member of the Diamond Bourse Antwerp and a very impressive jewellery designer. Each one of his objects is dedicated to modern craftsmanship and outstanding quality. A combination between top-grade gemstones and wearable contemporary art. When meeting with Marylène, the idea for an exclusive foulard, which to her is still historically the embodiment of luxury in a textile object, came to life. Inspired by the breathtaking colors in each… Continue reading

The Art of Bird Taxidermy: the discovery of a vintage collection that led to Marylène’s new Taxidermy print.

When Marylène discovered the extensive collection of tropical and regional stuffed birds, including some fascinating extinct species and beautiful vintage objects, hidden away at the small yet beautiful Belgian Olmense Zoo, she had to learn more about this quite unknown museum. Contacting the Zoo to see if it was allowed for her to take photographs, documenting her next print, the Zoo invited her to have a closer look. Marylène's interest in the magnificent stuffed birds… Continue reading

Thank you for visiting us in Milan

Thank you for visiting us at the Belgian Focus in cooperation with Archiproducts & WHITE during Milan Fashion Week. We had such a great time meeting all of you and appreciate all the kind words about our Spring/Summer 2019 accessory collection. This collection will be launched online Christmas time 2018. Continue reading

We now ship to the US

We now ship to the United States! The flat rate is 19,50 euro for all orders. We can't wait to make our American customers happy and spread the print love all over the United States. Packages will arrive within 4 - 8 working days. Continue reading

Inspiration: visiting the National Botanic Gardens

Situated in Brussels’ northern quarter, the Botanic Garden Meise resides over its terraced site reminding us of a time of architectural opulence and grandeur. Now an urban park, the garden reflects an intersection of multiple styles including French Baroque buildings, Italian Terraces and an English-style façade. The greenhouses populated with lush local and exotic plants are an endless source of inspiration for Marylène’s illustrations and textiles. The geometric shapes and bursts of colour seen in… Continue reading

Anniversary print

It's a cliché, but time flies. About one year ago, we launched our very first collection of printed silk scarves. A few months later, we released our first limited edition modal scarf and right before Christmas, our very first capsule collection of printed clothing was picked up by the press. We are so grateful for all of our customers and their unlimited support! For me, it's about the journey, about happiness, creating prints and living… Continue reading

Press: Marylène in Sjiek Magazine

Marylène was invited by Sjiek, a magazine by Belgian national newspaper Het Belang van Limburg covering Belgian design & interior, to talk about her silk scarves and reinventing a classic accessory using digital print design. "My main inspiration comes from vintage books, retro books filled with pictures and drawings of animals. I love visiting different museums, taking lots and lots of pictures. Those can inspire me for colour, shapes... ancient Chinese ceramics could inspire me… Continue reading